Fort Collins WAPF Chapter

Weston A Price Foundation

Websites and Links

Weston A. Price Foundation website:

For news about local foods in northern Colorado: Northern Colorado Food Incubator and Be Local Northern Colorado

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association: Offers classes in gardening, backyard chickens, food preservation, sustainable building, etc.


Dr. Mercola's website:


Organic Consumers Association:


The "Other" Raw Milk - Great comparison between raw milk destined for consumption vs raw milk that will be pasteurized:


David Gumpert's website: The Complete Patient


Compare the cost of junk food to nutrient-dense food: which is cheaper?


Take a look at how the world eats:,29307,1626519_1373757,00.html


Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen This is a list of produce ranked from least contaminated w/ pesticides to most contaminated.  Spend your precious food dollars wisely! 


Lots of recipes and meal ideas from a Canadian WAPF Chapter Leader:


How The Pill harms a woman's gut and can affect her developing babies:


Power Point Presentation on Salt, Blood Pressure, and other Mineralshttp://


A map of current hotspots around the world involving food contamination and health alerts:


Lexicon of Sustainability: This site defines terms such as cage-free, free range, and pastured chickens. Very helpful and fun!


Food MythBusters:



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