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Poultry and Eggs

NOTE: Persons wishing to sell eggs directly to consumers should read the relevant Colorado statute to make sure they are in compliance with the law.  

Quantum Joy Acres
Chickens are fed no-corn, no-soy organic feed. We do not vaccinate nor do we give antibiotics routinely. Our goal is he most natural meat possible.Our animals sold whole are processed in Evans, CO. They can be picked up there or arrangement can be made for me to pick up  and deliver. We plan to be at the monthly meetings, so orders can be brought with us there.

Raisin' Roots

Ben Pfeffer

2229 W. Vine Dr.

Ft. Collins, CO


Eggs from our flock of heritage breed hens, who have an acre of pasture to roam and a large historic coop to return to at night. We use heat lamps to keep them comfortable on cold nights. Their feed is soy-free, GMO-free and they are never caged.

The Old Feed Store

3612 W County Road 54G

Laporte, CO 80535


Eggs from free-range hens fed certified organic soy-free feed as well as eggs from conventionally fed free-range hens. Live poultry/poultry products and garden produce available seasonally.

Tolsma Pastured Chicken
Loveland, CO
Frank & Marisa Tolsma
Facebook: Tolsma Pastured Chicken
Broiler chickens raised on pasture, open air pens moved daily to fresh forage, fed a non-soy, non-corn, non-GMO, certified organic feed with no antibiotics or hormones. Also supplemented with Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer, diatomaceous earth, and organic, raw apple cider vinegar in their drinking water. 

Foothill Feathers
west side of Loveland, CO 80537
Lynette Kretschmer
Facebook: Foothill Feathers
Duck eggs from birds given a certified organic, non-soy feed and plenty of access to pasture.


D & H Fams

Deb Newsom

Ault, CO


Our specialty is greens, but free-range eggs available through CSA only.


Donoma Farms

Justin Norton


Donoma farm is a 120 acre Biodynamic farm Located North East of Fort Collins. CSA shares available for pickup in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. We raise Chicken, Duck, Guinea and Turkey for eggs and meat on an organic certified non soy diet in a pasture grazing rotation. We raise Pigs for on organic certified non soy diet. We also raise Yak (meat), lamb (meat) and Beef cattle (meat) on pasture with a grass diet (grassfed-grass finished). All animals are raised with no hormones, no antibiotics, no growth promotors, no warehouses. We also grow a limited number of summer, fall and winter veggies biodynamically.

Lazy OJ Farm

Carol Pratt

2532 Little Thompson Drive

Berthoud CO 80513


The Lazy OJ is a family owned farm. We raise Navaho-Churro and Jacob sheep for locker and breeding purposes. Also sell farm-fresh free range eggs and chickens.

Jodar Farms

Doug Rice

Highway 14, east of the interstate

Fort Collins CO


Poultry CSA offering 4, 5, or 6 chicken roasters a month, plus turkeys, Cornish game hens, and ducks. Free range, no antibiotics, no hormones. Fed conventional GMO feed. USDA inspected processing facility in Nunn can process chickens for everyone, from small family operations to large chicken producers.

Johnson’s Acres

Annelis and Kenny Johnson

16381 York Street

Brighton, CO 80602


Founded in 2004 in our quest for raw milk and healthier natural food for our family. No hormones or antibiotics (only if life or death). Cows receive supplements of organic kelp year round and vitamin E in winter. No soy or cottonseed in the grains the cows are fed, which include oats, barley, split pea and flaxseed. Cows have access to pasture year round, and we grow our own hay on the farm. Eggs are from pastured chickens with no commercial feed and no soy products.

Wild Winds Sheep Company

Catherine and Martin Wissner

Carpenter, Wyoming


Turkeys, seasonal vegetables, herbs.

Nest Fresh Eggs

1280 W. 47th Ave.

Denver 80211

Cage-free and organic eggs in supermarkets. All feed contains soy.

Wisdom’s Natural Poultry

Haxtun, Colorado


No hormones, no growth promotents, no antibiotics and no preservatives. Corn and soybean feed. Processed on the farm, USDA approved. Available frozen at Rocky Plains Quality Meats in Loveland, CO. See above.

Tree Farm Natural Foods

20864 WCR 12

Hudson, CO


Free-range chickens and pastured pork.

Monroe Organic Farms CSA

Kersey, CO


Organic vegetable CSA, and eggs available.

Sue Mills


Fresh eggs for sale.

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