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What you need to know about pork:

Quantum Joy Acres
Organic hogs that can be sold whole or by the pound. Hogs are on a no-soy, no-corn premixed organic feed we have delivered from Fehringer Feeds in Nebraska. It is primarily wheat, peas, lentils, flax, oats, and millet. It also has many organic herbs.

We do not vaccinate nor do we give antibiotics routinely. We won't allow an animal to be in pain just to say "no antibiotics ever" but we do keep track of who has received antibiotics so if it is a problem for anyone, we will let them know.

Our goal is he most natural meat possible.

Our animals sold whole are processed in Evans, CO. They can be picked up there or arrangement can be made for me to pick up and deliver. We plan to be at the monthly chapter meetings, so orders can be brought with us there.

Raisin' Roots

Ben Pfeffer

2229 W. Vine Dr.

Ft. Collins, CO


We raise heritage breed pigs on pasture at our farm. They are fed farm harvest scraps throughout the season and are supplemented with soy-free, GMO-free certified organic grain feed when necessary. The meat is antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and ethically raised start to finish. We sell quarters in the fall, broken down into 35 pounds of different choice cuts.

Donoma Farms

Justin Norton


Donoma farm is a 120 acre Biodynamic farm Located North East of Fort Collins. CSA shares available for pickup in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. We raise Chicken, Duck, Guinea and Turkey for eggs and meat on an organic certified non soy diet in a pasture grazing rotation. We raise Pigs for on organic certified non soy diet. We also raise Yak (meat), lamb (meat) and Beef cattle (meat) on pasture with a grass diet (grassfed-grass finished). All animals are raised with no hormones, no antibiotics, no growth promotors, no warehouses. We also grow a limited number of summer, fall and winter veggies biodynamically. 

Motherlove Farm

Johnstown, CO


Motherlove farm is a highly-diversified, certified organic farm that raises crops and livestock. All of our animals eat the certified organic vegetables, grains, and hay we produce here. They are rotated across certified organic pastures. No hormones or antiobotics. We are currently selling pastured pork and lamb.

Monroe Organic Farms

Jacquie Monroe

25525 WCR 48

Kersey, CO 80644


Pork, vegetables, eggs. Soy, raised organically on the farm for eggs and chickens.



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