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Check this page for a wonderful InfoGraphic full of facts about raw milk.

NOTE: If you are interested in becoming a raw milk producer, be sure to read Colorado's Herdshare law, and we strongly recommend you become a member of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Three Bells Dairy
North Fort Collins, CO
(970) 829-1899
Three Bells Dairy is a small, grass-grazed A2A2 jersey cow dairy located in North Fort Collins. Our cows graze on native pasture throughout the growing season, while routinely supplemented with high quality alfalfa during the winter months. No grain is included in their diet. Natural treatments are administered in lieu of antibiotics, however, if absolutely necessary, the cow treated is removed from production for a minimum of 96 hours to allow the medication to pass through her system before being reinstated. Our cows are milked once a day to promote less stress and healthier, longer, life. Milk is tested monthly at a local microbial research lab and serves as a benchmark to ensure proper cleaning practices.

Homestead Ranch LLC (goat)

Homestead Ranch is a family owned and operated Raw Goat’s Milk Dairy located just 15 miles west of Fort Collins, CO off Otter Rd. We take great pride in offering the highest quality unpasteurized goats milk to our herdshare families by first starting off with exceptional, healthy dairy goats! Then add in a diet of grass and alfalfa hay as well as choice grains (soy/gmo free), combine this with clean milking procedures and finish up by wrapping it all in love and commitment. We also test our milk once a month to make sure all is going as planned. Our herd is tested TB and Brucellosis free. We will have a "dry period" from end of November to January to ensure the does get the rest and optimum health they need before having those fun bouncing baby kids again in the spring.

Our farm also offers Eggs, meat, Homemade Goat Milk Soap, Lotions, Lip balm and we have fantastic Cheeses available as well. Our little family is truly blessed. Thank you for the continued support from our local community!

Johnson's Acres (cow)

Kenny Johnson
16381 York Street
Brighton, CO 80602
(303) 452 - 8043



Johnson's Acres is a grass-fed, raw milk dairy. We offer year-round raw milk cow shares from our Jersey and Holstein cows. We also sell pastured chicken eggs, cream, whey, and grass-fed beef (limited supply). Cows are on the pasture year-round and we supplement with non-GMO, local hay. We don't use hormones and only use antibiotics in life-saving conditions. Every cow has a name and her own personality.

We have 11 Raw Milk distribution points in the Denver area, and you can also pick-up milk at our farm in Brighton at Highway 7 and I-25. See our website for driving directions and delivery locations

Windswept Plains Goat Dairy

Shelly Lienemann

At Windswept Plains, we pride ourselves on providing the mildest tasting milk as naturally as possible. The does are all tested for diseases, worms, and bacteria. The goats range on 10 acres of pasture and supplemented on grain. We only using modern pharmaceuticals when necessary. The does are milked twice a day and the milked is cooled and processed as quickly and cleanly as possible. Delivery is available to Ft Collins


Ebert Farms-Cow

Kres and Julie Ebert

10800 Horrogate Rd.

Byers, CO 80103

We believe “grass-fed is best!” Jersey herd is never fed grain and rotationally grazes on 600 acres of native grass pasture. Raw milk, cream, butter and yogurt available through cow-shares. Pastured hens for farm-fresh eggs, milk-fed pigs fed no soy, and grass-fed and finished beef. Deliver to distribution points in the Denver metro area, Conifer, Boulder, and Longmont.

R Patch O’Heaven, LLC-Cow and Goat

Jon and Joy Erickson

34829 WCR 53

Eaton, CO 80615


The Erickson’s have milked cows for multiple generations and are now only supplying raw milk. The cows have access to pasture in season and hay during the winter along with 10 lb of organic grain during milking time. Email Jon for current pick-up locations in northern Colorado.

Light Root Community Farm

Contact: Daphne Kingsley

7945 N Foothills Hwy,
Boulder, CO 80302

Light Root Community Farm offers herd shares from our grass-based micro dairy. We are currently milking 7 cows with a mix of breeds, including-Ayrshire, Jersey, Tarentaise, Holstein and NZ Kiwi crosses. We breed for cows that do well on a grass-based diet and we have been breeding in A2A2 genetics. We utilize a rotational grazing system to maximize the forage in our pastures as well as Biodynamic farming practices to produce fresh, pure, nutrient-dense milk for the Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins communities.See this brochure for more info: LRCF_Brochure.pdf

Donoma Farms - Goat

Justin Norton


Specializing in nutritious winter greens but also have true free range chicken and duck eggs and milk goats (shares available spring 2014.) Their farm stand is in Fort Collins at JAX Sporting Goods on 1200 N. College. Ave. Saturdays 10 - 3 pm November through April. The farm is managed organically but is not certified. No pesticides of any kind are used and integrated pest management is practiced. 

Sonshine Acre Farms-Cow

Natalie Schneider

15534 US Highway

Julesburg, CO 80737


We are a small family farm with one Jersey cow and one Jersey/Brown Swiss cross raised on pasture year round. Supplemented with grass and alfalfa hay. Feed does contain small amount of soy. The fresh raw milk is wonderful for my son’s allergies, not to mention our health in general! I make cheese and am working on constructing a cheese cave so the cheeses can age properly for the full 60 days. No antibiotics unless necessary, no hormones or steroids of any kind. Also raise hogs, beef, and chickens, eggs.

Coyote Creek Ranch-Goat

Denise Pinkard

10522 N. 65th Street

Longmont CO 80503


A private family farm, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies. Grow grass/alfalfa hay and keep goats on pasture whenever possible. Herd is very healthy; no drugs or hormones used. Currently offering shares in the herd to provide fresh, raw goat milk for customers on the Front Range.


Cozza7 Farm - Cow

Anna Cozza

North of Wellington


Family run micro dairy with only one very spoiled Jersey. She receives extra care and attention since she is our only milk cow. We buy hay locally and she doesn't get any antibiotics or other medications. In the summer months, she has the run of 40 acres. Milk testing is done daily and some tests done monthly at a lab in Fort Collins. Cleanliness is our utmost priority! We also provide home raised turkey, duck, pork, beef and eggs.

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy-Goat Cheese

Maureen Reagan


Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy is located on 7 acres near Boulder, CO. We are one of approximately 50 farmstead cheesemakers in America, producing chevre, feta and 5 special aged cheeses from milk contributed by our own goats. Our cheeses have won many awards from the American Cheese Society and the World Cheese Contest in the past 13 years. Saanen and Nubian goats raised on a mixture of alfalfa and grain. Available online, at Whole Foods, King Soopers, Sunflower and specialty shops.



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