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How to Eat the WAPF Way

Fort Collins WAPF Chapter Slide Presentation How to Eat and Cook the WAPF Way


Watch these beginner videos from the Foundation:


Check out this list of  25 Steps to Eating Nourishing Traditional Foods:

In case you wonder what all the fuss is about raw milk: Top Ten Reasons to Drink Raw Milk

What to do with soured raw milk? Summertime sometimes means your raw milk doesn't last as long as usual before it sours. Check out this link for some excellent and easy solutions so you don't have to throw that precious milk away!  

Want to make kefir?  Go to Don's How-To Make Kefir and Recipes


Another kefir website:

Watch Don's videos showing How to Make Ginger BeerPart IPart II


How to eat nourishing foods when money is tight


Another great post on how to save money


Go here to learn everything you need to know about making bone broth.  These ladies have done their homework!


Did you know that fermented drinks and veggies provide protection against colds & flus? Check this out:


Is it OK to eat pork, and if so, how should you prepare it? This is an excellent article:


A fun comparison study of the different fermentation containers out there:


A cautionary article on the ability of kombucha to decay tooth enamel due to its acidity. Note that this video is a bit over-dramatic, but you can easily neutralize your mouth by swishing with water after drinking kombucha and still get the beneficial probiotic effects of kombucha.

Kombucha: Myths vs Truths: This article sums up thought-provoking scientific research about kombucha; well worth reading! 

The Dollars and Cents of Your Lifestyle: This article will help you begin understanding how spending more on your food now will save you money (not to mention poor health!) in the long run. 










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