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Healthcare Practioners

Practitioners who are knowledgeable about and use Weston A. Price Foundation principles in their practice, and who are also highly skilled and effective at working with the body’s natural healing abilities.
Practitioners who do not use Weston A. Price Foundation principles in their practice, but are never-the-less effective at working with the body’s natural healing abilities, and supportive of your dietary and lifestyle choices.
Practitioners who push low-fat dietsUSDA food pyramidreduced-sodium diets,  vaccinesmercury fillingsroot canalsflouride, routine antibiotics, or toxic drugs and treatments, and those who argue with or belittle their patients over their dietary or lifestyle choices.  For more information see: Treatments to Avoid
Practitioners on this List:
The practitioners on this page may be in the Best or Good category.   Some are extremely knowledgeable about a WAPF lifestyle, use it in their treatment plans and personally follow our guidelines. Or they may have limited knowledge about a WAPF-type diet, or simply be supportive of any dietary choice. Please click on each practitioner to learn more about that individual.
This list is not complete, please help us by recommending a practitioner!
Medical Doctors:

Tri-Life Health


Pati Thomas, CN, The Mountain Centre for Healing, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO
Pati Thomas is a Certified Nutritionist in private practice for 22 years, including a satellite practice in Boston. She is very grateful for the teachings and advocacy of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The work this foundation does to protect our food supply is a true blessing to us all.
Traditional diet is part of Pati's recommendation to all clients. The WAPF booklet and brochures are part of her new client packets. Utilizing muscle-testing reflex analysis, Pati will customize each client's diet and lifestyle, in steps they are ready to take; AND determine individual therapeutic nutrient needs for supplementation. Product lines of high quality she carries in her office are: Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil and butter oil products, Standard Process, MediHerb, Biotics, Vital Nutrients, Natura, Xymogen, Young Living Oils, and more. The Mountain Centre for Healing is a very family friendly environment, welcoming children and families. Pregnancy preparation, pregnancy and lactation are integral facets of this practice. 

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