Fort Collins WAPF Chapter

Weston A Price Foundation


Rocky Plains Quality Meats Farm

4022 CR 11,

Dacono, CO 80514




Market at 207 S. Washington Ave. in Loveland, south of 1st Street on Washington Ave.

We believe that the health issues our society is experiencing today are directly related to the preservatives, sugars, heavy processing, and harmful insecticides and chemical fertilizers in the foods on the grocery store shelves. Our herd roams the Pawnee Grasslands of northeastern Colorado and graze on natural grasses, no hormones, no antibiotics. Never grain-fed or finished, these grass-fed animals are treated with respect. Buffalo products are available by the cut (steaks, roasts, ground, jerky, and sausage). We also have beautifully tanned full winter hair robes, leather and bleached skulls as well as pet treats such as biscotti of liver, tendon chews and shin bones. We welcome group visits at the ranch with advance notice.

Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative

Noah Bates

Fort Collins


The Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative (LBCC) is a 100% Native American owned and operated cooperative association on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Its membership is made up of small family buffalo caretakers who respect the buffalo and the land. Members of the LBCC are committed to the restoration of the northern plains ecology, self-sufficiency, and strengthening the sovereignty and self-determination of the Oglala Lakota Nation and all indigenous peoples. Buffalo live on open ranges, never in feedlots; eat wild grasses their entire lives; are free from antibiotics and hormones; are respectfully harvested in the field.

Allied Natural Meats Ltd. is based in Fort Collins, CO and distributes buffalo meat for the LBCC. Drake Road Farmers’ Market from 10-1 Saturdays in the summer, and Opera Galleria during the winter. Online ordering is available anytime for deliveries in Fort Collins.



Buffalo Peak Ranch

Pine, Colorado


They raise pastured pork, beef, and buffalo and bring their meat, broth, and lard to WAPF Chapter meetings in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs as well as occasional drop-offs in northern Colorado. 

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